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Our high quality furniture covers provide superior protection for your outdoor furniture.  Designed in Australia, Polytuf covers block UV rays, rain, bird droppings, dirt and debris. Spend more time enjoying your outdoor furniture and less time cleaning it.

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Polytuf Outdoor Furniture Covers


To get the best performance from your Polytuf outdoor furniture covers, check out our "how to" videos.

How to Select - Outdoor furniture covers How to care and use your outdoor furniture covers from Polytuf How to Use - Table Cover Support Pole


Condensation and moisture naturally occur where airflow is limited. Condensation can lead to mould and as a result can cause damage to your furniture.

To reduce condensation and the risk of moisture build up and mould:

  • Remove cover from your furniture periodically, allowing air to circulate and to avoid the build-up of condensation between your furniture and cover. Always check with your furniture manufacturer to confirm what effect condensation will have on your setting
  • Use a Polytuf® table cover support pole in the centre of your table to create an air gap between the cover and the table
  • Read all instructions included with your cover carefully before use