• Always lift a tarpaulin onto or off the item(s) being covered. Don’t drag a tarpaulin on or off a load – it may get caught on sharp corners or edges and tear.
  • Don’t drop heavy or sharp objects onto a tarp.
  • Don’t over tighten a tarp when tieing it down. Consider using tarp clips if needing additional tie-down points. For high stress or windy conditions, we recommend using a D-Ring Tarpaulin.
  • When used for an awning, always make sure rain or condensation can drain away. In other words, make sure the tarpaulin isn’t sagging in the middle.
  • Don’t roll up or fold tarpaulins when they are wet. This will result in growth of mold and eventual rotting.
  • Don’t leave a tarpaulin exposed to sunlight indefinitely. UV exposure will eventually cause the tarp fabric to break down. For continuous outdoor use, turn your tarpaulin over periodically.